Salah Stevens is the CEO of Continental Clinical. This organization is dedicated to improving access to healthcare for those in underserved communities. The company also performs research that plays an integral role in the advancement of medicine, and it has a large network of investigators and laboratories. In addition, Continental Clinical is partnered with Fortune 500 companies and community healthcare organizations.

What Has Helped Salah Stevens To Become Successful As An Entrepreneur?

He says that regular exercise has helped to improve his productivity, and this has contributed to his success as a business owner. In addition, he says that he has not been afraid to speak his mind due to the possibility of being told no. He feels that this fearlessness is essential to success as an entrepreneur. Even if the answer isn’t yes, he says that speaking your mind usually leads to an open dialogue that can be beneficial to one’s endeavors.

Furthermore, he feels that it’s always necessary to put a lot of effort into attaining success. Salah Stevens feels strongly that putting 10,000 hours or more in total towards advancing your skills at the occupation of your choice will almost always result in a successful career.

What Inspired Salah Stevens To Create Continental Clinical?

He was inspired to create the company after seeing the inequalities that are present in healthcare research. While there are many US-based research companies, there are not many people in the US who participate in medical studies.

What New Medical Technologies Are Particularly Fascinating To Salah Stevens?

Wearable technology and biometrics are especially fascinating to Salah Stevens. He feels that this technology will soon advance to the point where it is able to truly transform the healthcare industry. He feels that if this technology advances enough, healthcare will truly begin to resemble what is depicted in futuristic movies. Furthermore, biometrics and wearable technology will allow patients to track their body’s vital functions on their own. This may substantially improve public health.

What Software Does Continental Clinical Use?

Continental Clinical uses Google Enterprise. This software helps the company to remain HIPPA compliant, and it also is highly customizable. It’s also quite easy to access whenever it’s requested.

How Can You Get In Touch With Salah Stevens?

Salah Stevens can be reached from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or on the Continental Clinic website.